How to Do Applique e-book

How to Do Applique e-book

$9.99 AUD

This e-book contains 64 pages in total, consisting of 56 pages of instructions, information and images.
Then there are also 8 pages of patterns sheets. 
I take you through the steps that will allow you to learn how I create my Applique that LOOKS like needle turn but is ALL sewn on the machine.
This is the same technique that I have used within my Award Winning Quilts.

This pattern for "Potter's Delight" makes up to a size of 16" X 22".
A fantastic size for learning a technique on.
Within this e-book I bring lots of information about your machine, extra information about the particular products I use, what I do with my fabric before I start to sew, etc, etc.

This e-book is a very valuable resource for you when it comes to learning this particular style and technique of Applique, that looks like needle turn but is all sewn on the sewing machine.

You can save it, you can print it out,
you can have it bound,
but most of all,
I know that you will LOVE it.

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