Latch Hook Tool

Latch Hook Tool

$3.50 AUD

Latch Hook, Quilting Latch Hook, Quilt Pin Basting Latch Hooks, or a
Rug Hook.

These brilliant little Latch Hooks are known by many names and can have many uses.

I personally use these for when I'm pin basting my quilts.

How do I use these?

I place my pin through the layers of the quilt, then with using these
latch hooks, I hook the underneath part of the safety pin that has just been poked through all the layers of the quilt, I then pull the pin up to close the safety pin.

No more broken fingernails or sore fingers from trying to close possibly
hundreds or in my cases often thousands of safety pins.

I also then use them while doing the actual quilting by using these latch hooks in the reverse to the above, by hooking the latch once again into the pin and pulling it up to open the pin.

So easy.... as life is meant to be.

Sometime the simplest tools, can be the handiest!.

You can also check out this short 2 1/2 minute video.

My apologies it's one of my older videos, but still shows how to use these latch hooks perfectly.