Liquid Stitch Original 4 oz / 118.29 ml

Liquid Stitch Original 4 oz / 118.29 ml

$14.50 AUD

Liquid stitch is the product that I personally use within my Trapunto work
if I accidentally get a cut within my fabric while cutting the Trapunto. 

It's very easy to fix a cut with using Liquid Stitch,
where once you've finished your quilt, even the judges will never know or see that there has actually been a cut within your quilt or Trapunto.

To learn exactly how I use this product just check here.
It's an absolutely brilliant product.

Liquid stitch Stitch Original  ISBN 7287926497 has many many other brilliant
uses within fabric, sewing , creating, etc.

It is Stitchless Sewing with many uses,
including but not limited to, fixing a cut within your Trapunto work.