Matilda's Own 100% Wool Wadding 2.4 mts W X 2 mt Piece do not use

$58.00 AUD

This is the same exact wadding / batting that I use within my quilts.
Matilda's Own 100% Wool Wadding / batting.

100% Wool helps to give the most amazing effects on the back of my quilts and helps in really showing off my Trapunto.

100% wool wadding used within the layering process of my work, 
really helps the Trapunto to have an even better "pop" to it.

Using this 100% wool wadding will also help "You, Yourself" to achieve 
these types of dynamics within "YOUR" own personal work.

100% wool wadding is actually very easy to work with, easy to wash, 
and hangs absolutely beautifully. 

It's actually one of the easiest fibers to work with,
once you've let go of the false belief that it's difficult.

I've always used 100% wool, whether in knitting, making clothes 
or of course, within my quilts.

So let go of any old stories about it and give it a go.

The way you grow within yourself and your creativity,
is to step outside of yourself.