Olfa Circle Cutter Large 4-22 cms CMP-3

Olfa Circle Cutter Large 4-22 cms CMP-3

$41.99 AUD

Olfa Circle Cutter Large 4-22 cms OCMP-3

You'll find this short video from Olfa to be extremely helpful & enlightening.

These Olfa circle cutters are absolutely brilliant as a cutter and I've personally been using these for many years now.

Using your Olfa large circle cutter will allow you to effortlessly cut perfect
circles from 1-1/2″ to 8-3/4 or 4 to 22 cms.

Patented ratchet handle aligns the hand and wrist to help reduce
wrist fatigue

Handle design creates a “stirring the soup” cutting motion, preventing uncomfortable twisting or strain on the wrist

Built-in blade cover and plastic pivot spike guard for safety when not in use.

Once you've used this, Olfa rotary circle cutter, you'll just want to cut circles
all day as it's a really fun tool to be using for when cutting fabric circles.