Freezer Paper Reynolds 15 mt x 45 cms

Freezer Paper Reynolds 15 mt x 45 cms

$17.99 AUD

Reynolds Freezer paper is a plastic coated paper that I personally use within the particular technique that I specialise in, for doing my Applique, that gives me the "Look" of needle-turn applique, but it's all completely sewn on the sewing machine.

I also use this within a particular technique where I use paints on my fabrics.

It's very simple and easy to use, as well as being very cost effective.

This Freezer paper has many uses within the sewing and quilting area.
You'll see that you can also purchase different amounts being 3 mts, 5 mts or the full box being 15.2 mts. It does work out cheaper by the box

This gives you choices, which makes your life easier...
"as life is meant to be......"