Special Offer for Two Books

Special Offer for Two Books

$30.98 AUD $33.98 AUD

Buy Both of these
Paperback Books Together  and Save.

100 Inspirational Tips to help you on "YOUR" Quilting Journey, 
has been and still is, a very popular book.

People often write to me and tell me things like,
"it's one of the best reference books that they've ever owned"

Using & Understanding Monofilament Thread Including
How to set your machine,
is a book that uses the exact same techniques and teaching methods that I've been teaching students within the classroom for quite some time now.

Everyone within the classroom always leaves with a new found
Confidence & Understanding of how "easy" it is to use monofilament thread, once you know how to easily set your machine, the setting and types of stitches to use, what threads are better and so much more.  

And so can you too!
I always say that knowledge is powerful.

You'll only find this offer HERE on my website,
so do make sure to take advantage of this now.

100 Inspirational Tips to help you on "YOUR" Quilting Journey
ISBN 9780995404502

Using & Understanding Monofilament Thread
Including How to Set Your Machine
ISBN 9780995404526

You can check out a video for each of these books here: