Sulky Super Solvy Stabilizer 19 1/2" X 36"

Sulky Super Solvy Stabilizer 19 1/2" X 36"

$9.99 AUD

Sulky Super Solvy Water Soluble stabilizer is the perfect temporary stabilizer
and transfer agent that dissolves in water.

Twice as thick, heavy and strong as the Original Sulky Solvy.

I personally use this when doing a particular type of "thread paining", as it's
strong, durable, resilient, but dissolves easily once I've finished creating my piece.

Use as a design template, as a pattern guide and as a stitch support.

Super Solvy is the "perfect choice" when you need a heavier Solvy that'll 
withstand a lot more stitching and tugging.

Perfectly ideal when you don't want any stabilizer to show on the top or bottom of your personal masterpiece.

Sulky's packaged size stabilizers are great for trying out or for smaller projects. Size: 19 1/2 X 36"

All Sulky stabilizers are acid and lead free!