Superior Threads Metallics Black 060 500 yds

Superior Threads Metallics Black 060 500 yds

$13.99 AUD

Superior Thread Metallics Black 060 40W 500yds

Superior Metallics threads are one of my favorites that I use in lot's of my pieces.

Designed for Embroidery, Quilting, and Decorative Stitching

Create beautiful designs with Superior Metallics thread.

Available in many beautiful colors, including two variegated colors.

Use a Superior’s Topstitch 90/14 needle and reduce the top tension to 1.0.
Superior Metallics is guaranteed to work by Superior themselves

What makes Superior Metallics so superior?

Not only do Superior use the finest raw materials to create this beautiful thread, it undergoes special processing to make it vibrant,
strong, and smooth.

The only metallic thread with a guarantee to work.