Trapunto Class - A Spring Day

Trapunto Class - A Spring Day

Trapunto is easier to do, than most people imagine, but like anything 
in life, it's all about learning & knowing the tips & tricks that make it easier to achieve the fantastic results & dimensions that Trapunto will give to you.

I "LOVE" teaching Trapunto, as until students have tried it, they're very
unaware of the fantastic & brilliant results that can be achieved with adding Trapunto into their quilts or whatever they desire to add it to.

I create pieces that are very achievable within the class room, but students
gain many learning techniques that they often don't even realise, as I'll create these pieces with curves, points, angles, etc.

I do NOT cut into the back of my work, like the old fashioned way, I use a
totally different technique that's absolutely Brilliant.

I've been doing Trapunto now for almost 40 years, and I've won many many awards for my work.

This Trapunto class is designed for a one day class and mostly will run
from approx 9.30 for setting up, starting at 10.00 am until approx 4.00 pm. I'm quite flexible and normally able to adjust times to suit your  guilds particular needs.

To find out more about these classes, please send me an e-mail to and place  something like "In-Person Classes" in the Subject line if you don't mind.

Have a beautiful & creative day