Udderly Smooth Moisturising Cream 4ozs (114 gms)

Udderly Smooth Moisturising Cream 4ozs (114 gms)

$11.99 AUD

Udderly Smooth Moisturising Cream 3106460259
is the hand cream that quilters absolutely "Love".

After being continually asked if I can stock this moisturising cream,
particularly when I'm teaching, I've now decided to stock this amazing cream that so many quilters Love.

Udderly Smooth non-greasy moisturising cream deeply moisturises your skin, making even dry & cracked skin feel Udderly soft & smooth.

Originally developed for use on dairy cows & now used by 
people & quilters around the world.

If you haven't tried this Udderly Smooth Moisturising cream already, then you'll be absolutely amazed at just how brilliant it is.

It's non greasy so does not leave any residue on your treasured fabrics etc.

This comes in two sizes 4ozs (114gms) & 2ozs (57gms) 

I personally Love it.